The Culture of Beauty, Psychology, & the Self
Hosted by Naomi Wolf
First, Naomi Wolf revolutionized our understanding of the relationship
between “beauty”and female identity. Now, for the first time on DVD for
your classroom, Naomi Wolf presents her definitive treatise on THE BEAUTY
MYTH: The Culture of Beauty, Psychology, & the Self.
On a sweeping historical canvas, from the Industrial Revolution to today’s  
multi-billion-dollar diet and cosmetic industries, Wolf exposes the Beauty
Myth as a distinct cultural narrative—a fiction that “beauty” exists
objectively and universally.
Having set her stage, Wolf next reveals why “beauty” must be understood
within the power structures of political and economic systems—and how
“beauty” is used as a kind of  currency,  like money itself.  She incisively
illustrates how beauty is a story about female identity told through a
cultural system of images: a potent narrative designed to sell products and
support a hierarchical system of social relations—with devastating conse-
quences for female well-being, and for our most intimate relationships.
From the first printing press to today’s women’s magazines, Wolf
illuminates how, as women made powerful strides in economic and political
spheres, the Beauty Myth took hold as a new set of fictions, and as a new
sphere of control. She reveals how “beauty” came to replace domesticity
as a core social virtue, with its own injunctions and prescriptions, not
unlike religion itself. With wit and clarity, Wolf illustrates why the Beauty
Myth has nothing to do with appearances—but, instead, with channeling
female identity into an ever-narrowing sphere of consumption, competition,
and anxiety.
From workplace equality and sexual harassment, to cosmetic surgery and
eating disorders, to the very core of social and romantic relationships, Wolf
powerfully illuminates the psycho-logical and physiological ravages of the
Beauty Myth.  
Naomi Wolf wraps this extraordinary 6-part DVD presentation within a
stirring vision of how we might transcend the Beauty Myth by shedding
light on the cultural and economic systems that perpetuate it.
Naomi Wolf In-Depth DVD
Naomi Wolf: In-Depth is the optional 23-minute companion
program to The Beauty Myth!  In this bonus presentation,
Naomi Wolf goes in-depth to address key implications,
criticisms, and the most commonly asked questions raised by
the main program. In this exclusive bonus presentation, go
in-depth with Naomi Wolf as she addresses:
  • How the Beauty Myth is different from earlier critiques
  • Why the Beauty Myth is a priority among issues facing women
  • Beauty & the Illusion of Power
  • “Attractiveness” & Social Rewards
  • The Healthy Role of Beauty & Attraction
  • How to Stop the Struggle for Perfection
  • Mixed Messages: Health vs. Beauty
  • Self-Esteem & Dieting
  • Ethnicity & the Beauty Myth ... and much, much more!
Six-part DVD for easy reference:
  1. Revolution & Subversion
  2. The Ideal & “Preoccupation”
  3. The Calorie Obsession
  4. Modified Bodies & Sexuality
  5. Aging as Disease
  6. Reclaiming Beauty & Identity
Running time is approximately 50
minutes to allow for assignments before
or after viewing.
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